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2nd April 23
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Not in My Name is managed by Theatre Veritae, a North-West-based company producing relevant contemporary theatre with integrity, founded and led by Alice Bartlett and Andrew Raffle. Theatre Veritae is especially committed to work that engages audiences in meaningful conversations beyond traditional theatre spaces, thereby establishing unique theatrical dialogues specific to a local community or region.

This ethos has been central to the continuing development of Not in My Name and, as demand for the play spreads well beyond its Lancashire home, new local partnerships with trusted artistic and municipal organisations (including councils, police forces, schools, colleges, universities and theatres) ensure appropriate adaptation of the project to meet the needs of each new area, alongside assurance of longer-term support structures for tackling the complexities of the Prevent agenda.

Not In My Name

To date, Theatre Veritae have produced area-specific productions of Not in My Name in Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, County Durham and Greater Manchester, with comprehensive partnerships in place in all of these areas.

The following documents compare detailed responses to the play from both students and teachers across the North West:

Cheshire 2010 

Lancashire 2010 

Merseyside 2010

Oldham 2010 

Comparative report for all areas 2010 

An independent report by Dr Jenny Hughes (Lecturer in Drama, University of Manchester) offers useful and more comprehensive reflection on audience responses to Not in My Name:

When things like this are happening around you  

“I think the play was amazing. It has made me understand the depths of how people are discriminated against because of the way they look ... [it] shocked and surprised me, but got the point across, showing how people can judge the community on something one person has done. It was a great achievement. ”
Shaunnagh, 17


“I’ve learnt a few things, but most importantly it has allowed me to see how to approach delicate subjects such as extremism with the students.”
N. Oosman, Advice & Guidance Officer


“VERY informative – feel a lot more comfortable to ask about Islam now.”
Jodie, 19


“I think Not in My Name should be more publicised because it opens people’s eyes a lot.”
Jordan, 15


“It opened my eyes and I will never think about the subject in the same way again.”
Lauren, 14


“It was awesome and it totally rocked, and it made me think even though I don’t think about what’s going on in the world.”
Alyssa, 14


“It touched me, I had tears in my eyes. Very well acted, very inspirational.”
Anna, 15


“Very insightful, moving and emotional as well as extremely thought provoking ... It helped me realise what I would have to do as a teacher of a student/pupil who had similar thoughts. Thank you so much.”
Trainee teacher,  University of Cumbria