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Respect Myself
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Respect Myself
‘You can’t tell a book by its cover’.
A circle game activity focusing on the ways children are similar and different from others in class.
Children to sit in a pair with someone they know less well in the class. Ask them to find 2 visible similarities between them (e.g. both have two ears, both wearing shoes, both have brown eyes) and their partner, then repeat for visible differences.  Next ask the learners to find 2 invisible similarities (e.g. both have 2 sisters) then repeat for invisible differences. Use a question hand. This may open up wider discussions within your class. Be prepared to continue...
Do you have things in common and things that are different from each other? 
Did you find out anything that surprised you about your partner or anyone else in the class? 
Could someone else describe your identity for you? 
Do we ‘label’ people and sometimes decide who they are / what they like without knowing?
Do you have something that makes you unique? 
What would it be like if everyone was the same? 
Thinking Skills
Ask relevant questions
Ask different types of questions and decide how to find answers
Consider a range of possible solutions
Ask ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what if’ or unusual questions
Reflect critically on ideas, actions and outcomes
Respond to ideas, tasks and problems in surprising ways
Understand what is relevant information
Talk about and recognise similarities
Use first hand experiences and simple information sources to answer questions
Summarise information
Predict and anticipate events
Recognise and challenge assumptions
Use the language of similarity and difference
Use given criteria to make judgements
Express their own views, opinions and preferences
Music: Song by Groove Armada: If everybody looks the same
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